Commercial HVAC Temperature Control Solutions

Efficiency and comfort for your commercial location

Bernie Buchner Inc. is a family-owned business in La Crosse, Wisconsin, tri-state area, so we understand that every little expense quickly adds up, and utility bills are going to be one of your largest monthly expenses. Make the HVAC system at your commercial location easier to use and more efficient with advanced temperature control solutions. This turnkey process is available to all of our commercial clients and is the best way to provide energy-efficient, reliable heating and cooling to your commercial location. Temperature control solutions can either be installed with a new HVAC system from the ground up or added to your building’s existing HVAC equipment.

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Commercial HVAC temp controls
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Why choose a temperature control unit from Bernie Buchner Inc.

The temperature control systems of today are much more than a simple thermostat installation. With modern industry advancements, many of these units offer the ability to manage your building’s temperature remotely. In large settings, such as schools and hospitals, our team has access to the software that allows us to monitor your HVAC system. If one of your HVAC units is not working properly, we can work to resolve the problem right away, oftentimes by simply working through the software without a technician having to come on-site.

Bernie Buchner Inc. is a plumbing and HVAC contracting brand that has been serving the La Crosse, Wisconsin, tri-state area for decades. Our team is built of talented craftspeople who know their respective industries inside and out, and though we built our name on plumbing services, we are equally skilled at commercial HVAC work. We are always fair, honest and prompt, making us the go-to plumbing and HVAC company for commercial businesses in the La Crosse, Wisconsin, tri-state area.

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